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That's how it was at the German Corporate Diversity Summit: Karen Schallert, coach for people with disabilities, was responsible for what was probably the most emotional part of the event. The former HR manager has multiple sclerosis and is in a wheelchair. "I wouldn't have turned up in my current condition a few years ago," said Schallert. The prejudices, the ignorance and the fear of contact with people with disabilities were too great. Now she knows that those affected bring their own talents with them and are anything but unsuitable for the professional world. She should have learned that the hard way herself. She advised the guests at the summit: "Approach the topic emotionally, be curious and simply ask people with disabilities if you are unsure about their load limit." human resource management; JULY 7, 2022


Your openness and authenticity touches me and as HR manager I find that incredibly inspiring - thank you for that!


What a great lunch & learn - a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas on the real issues that are important in life. Many thanks to Ms. Schallert and the organizational team! 


Thanks for the insights - lots of food for thought! I'll definitely take something with me.


Many thanks for this great Lunch & Learn and to Ms. Schallert for her open discussion and insights.


A great, honest, open and human speech. Many thanks to Ms. Schallert! A great honor to have been there!


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